What are digital marketing and e-commerce?

E-commerce is a broad term that refers to the buying and selling of goods and services online. 

You know Amazon as the largest and most successful e-com brand, although all other major and minor successful companies utilize digital marketing and e-commerce to grow their business.

Now it is easier than ever to start a business, that’s because e-commerce is generally cheaper, more convenient, and more accessible than storefront sales.

So how do I start my online money making platform and what do I sell?

There are four(4) categories of items that you can sell online: physical products(1), digital products(2), services(3), and software(4).

Most gurus will tell you how they became rich by selling products on Amazon/Ebay/Etsy, or some will tell you how to become rich by outsourcing work from Fiver or Upwork (talent/high paid skill required), some will tell you they became rich off of crypto (stock reading talent & luck required), and some will tell you they got rich off of youtube and social media as an influencer (need a lot more time and luck to do this.)

I believe that whatever path that you choose in your e-commerce and online sales journey, that you must have some combination of all the above to truly be successful.

Whatever you are doing, it is an absolute must that you use the most current, if not latest technology to find solutions to your business’s needs.

Also, you must certainly find your niche market but 100% you will need an avenue to advertise one of the four products/services that you are selling in order to be successful — whether it has your name & branding on it or not.

Keep in mind that the goal of e-commerce is to generate sales, and digital marketing helps business do just that by connecting with customers and building relationships.


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